Our approach

At a time when the relationship between climate change and food security are more apparent than ever, we are committed to doing our part and using our scale and connectivity to help lead the industry forward. We believe that our leadership position in the global food system enables us to unite stakeholders - from farmers to consumers, NGOs and governments - and to promote actions that help support sustainable agriculture.

To meet today's challenges and contribute to the solutions ahead, we have defined sustainability goals, incorporating activities and commitments that will support robust action on climate change, promote responsible supply chains and provide accountability for everything we do.

As the specialty oils and fats division of Bunge, we share the same approach to sustainability which is founded on three pillars. Learn more about our pillars, goals and recent accomplishments on the Bunge website.

Sustainable development goals

We are doing our part to support global efforts for a more sustainable planet. That is why Bunge and Bunge Loders Croklaan support efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A range of policies, projects and activities align with the spirit of the Global Goals. Furthermore, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Bunge works collaboratively to find ways to meet them by 2030.



Our Bunge Board-level Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee is our highest governance body. It oversees the development of relevant sustainability policies, strategies and programs, including performance goals, risk management and disclosure. The complete text of the Committee’s charter can be found here on the Bunge website.

Bunge 2021 Global Sustainability Report

Read more about our sustainability approach, goals and performance in the Bunge 2021 Global Sustainability Report.





Responsible supply chains

We take a robust approach to sustainability, delivering demonstrable support and impact at the supplier, landscape, social and labor levels. We quantify and verify the sustainability of our supply base to ensure traceability and transparency at all levels.


We are convinced that we will serve you best today and tomorrow by sourcing responsibly produced and traceable materials from partners we know and trust.

Sustainability news

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Sustainability newsletter
In these newsletters we share important sustainability highlights, information on partnerships and supplier engagement stories.
Grievance procedure

We have established a grievance procedure for all internal and external stakeholders who identify issues or incidents in our palm oil supply chain that are not in line with the principles stated in the Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing Policy.

Transparent supply chains

The shea dashboard is an online platform that provides information about the traceability of our shea and our progress in developing a sustainable shea supply chain.