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Insight: Using low-viscosity sprayable lecithin
December 01, 2022
Optimizing both production process and customer experience

Food products need to maintain their structure and shape not only during production, but also throughout their shelf life. Some foods can stick to baking pans and conveyor belts. In addition, some sliced foods can stick together when layered, making it difficult to separate slices without damaging them. That's why an effective release agent is an essential part of food manufacturing processes. Low-viscosity lecithin is a release agent and processing aid that can be used in a number of applications.


Low-viscosity lecithin - also known as low acetone-insoluble lecithin incorporates lecithin mixed with oil and other ingredients to make it highly sprayable. By applying a thin layer of low-viscosity lecithin to food, it reduces the surface tension of liquids. As a result, it can be used to create a non-stick barrier between (plant-based) cheese and deli slices and between cuts, conveyor belts or processing equipment.

From all botanic sources

Low-viscosity lecithin can be produced with standard or modified lecithin derived from soybean, rapeseed or sunflower seed in non-GMO and non-allergenic forms. By mixing the lecithin with the right ingredients, a wide range of viscosity and stability can be achieved. We can produce mixes with an AI level as low as 20%, delivering liquid variants that can be used even in extremely fine nozzles.

Finding the right blend

With more than a century of experience in oils and ingredients, Bunge Loders Croklaan can blend any oil with any lecithin to deliver the right low-viscosity solution to serve your production process or final product. Our technical team works with you to find the perfect blend based on your equipment, application, production conditions and stability needs. And with our integrated supply chain, we can guarantee quality and traceability.

To find out how low-viscosity lecithin can optimize your production process, contact our team of experts.

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