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Bunge Global Sustainability Newsletter July 2022
July 12, 2022

The first half of 2022 has been met with incredible challenges – especially for those working every day to ensure access to food in places that need it the most. The challenges have been important reminders of the critical role we play at Bunge and the continued focus required to create more sustainable supply chains. 

As you’ll see in this update and throughout our recently released 2022 Global Sustainability Report, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to prioritize sustainability everywhere we have a presence and to provide low-carbon solutions to our customers. We have been focused on making our value chains more sustainable for many years, but our progress has accelerated as the demands and the world around us have evolved. 

Beyond our internal controls and operational changes, we’re collaborating with others in the ag and energy industries to further promote innovation and sustainability in our offerings – such as our new partnership with CoverCress to incentivize the use of new cover crops and our joint venture with Chevron to meet the growing demand for renewable fuels. And we continue to strengthen our partnerships with farmers, whose participation is essential to producing food in more sustainable ways.  

While the challenges the world faces may seem daunting, we remain optimistic knowing how far we have come and how many Bunge team members and partners are devoted to creating sustainable solutions. Thank you for everything that you are doing to contribute to this purpose.  

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