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Policy & commitments

Our commitment toward sustainable products stretches into everytypes of raw material that is used to produce plant based oils. Some materials are growing as wild crops, others are grown on plantations. Depending on the material certification standards may or may not exist. Without distinction, we always source from selected, trusted market parties, and we closely monitor our suppliers for responsible practices.

Our Grains & Oilseeds commitment, established in 2015, sets out our approach to promoting sustainable agriculture and achieving deforestation-free supply chains. It calls for value chains that are transparent, verified sustainable and which create positive impacts on the ground while advancing the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The commitment calls for:

  • eliminating deforestation from our agricultural supply chains worldwide by 2025
  • reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • protecting peat land and other carbon-capturing ecosystems
  • conserving freshwater and acting responsibly in water-stressed regions
  • conserving biodiversity
  • supporting livelihoods
  • respecting labor and land use rights
  • applying free, prior and informed consent

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The origin of our oils

We source our sunflower seeds in Europe from Hungary, Argentina, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. We press the seeds to extract the oil.


Each year we certify or verify the sustainability of greater volumes of our products that we process and ship. This is our certification standard for sunflower. No other global sustainability certification standard for sunflower oil exists at the moment.

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