We understand like no other that you want to create unique confectionery products while hitting the sweet spot between taste, health and premium quality.
Convenient coating fats: non-temper Cocoa Butter Replacers
100% shea based premium CBE
Classic lauric filling fats

As pioneers of a number of innovations in confectionery, our food experts have been providing customers with the world’s best coating and filling fats for more than a century. For example the development of Coberine, the first Cocoa Butter Equivalent in the sixties. Today our Sweetolin can help you lower sugar levels in your recipe up to 50% whilst maintaining the indulgent sweet experience.

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Powered by our Creative Studios, which serve as innovation hubs, we play a key role in accelerating your product development processes. With a reputation for innovation, a commitment to sustainability and a number of groundbreaking developments under our belt, we’re proud of the role we play in helping create confectionery which is both imaginative and mouthwatering.

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