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Confectionery range at Djazagro 2023

Looking for fats & oils solutions for your confectionery needs?
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Non-Palm Solutions

The finalist of The Most Impactful Sustainable Product in Gulfood Manufacturing 2022KARIBON DP10441 is 100% shea-based, non-hydrogenated (trans-free), non-palm specialty fat for chocolate hazelnut spreads and soft fillings . It is stable over time, at high temperature, and with high cocoa butter and hazelnut content . It does not give an oil layer on top and delivers great chocolate and hazelnut taste by melting without grains.


Cocoa Butter Tolerant CBS

Cocoa Butter Tolerant is another premium standard for CBS Specialty Fats. While maintaining
characteristic of CLSP 555 E in terms of sensory and processing, it gives additional advantage
of higher tolerance of cocoa butter which gives manufacturers room to increase cocoa taste
in their recipes. It is formulated for high cocoa butter compatibility – up to 10% in the recipes.
Therefore, it is possible to use cocoa mass in the compound coating recipes to enjoy rich
cocoa taste in the products. CLSP 555 PLUS is fully hydrogenated and so, low in trans-fat.






Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR): Non-Tempered Coating Fats

COUVA 250 NH/K is one of our coating fats that belongs to our latest non-hydro Cocoa Butter Replacer fat series. They are non-hydrogenated fats with only ≤ 1% trans fat content. The Couva 250 NH/K does not require tempering. It is an optimum fat for enrobing and moulding applications and works successfully in frozen-cone shells.


The COUVA 500R is a hydrogenated cocoa butter replacer fat that enables ease of production with fast crystallisation characteristics and cost efficiency especially compared to CBS fats. It is an all-round coating and moulding fat, which is compatible with 20% cocoa butter (fat phase) in the recipe and can be applied in a wide variety of products. It gives products a fine texture, acceptable flavor release and meltdown.

Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE): Premium Coating Fats

COBERINE 608 is the most well-known CBE fat for one-to-one replacement of cocoa butter especially in dark chocolate. Due to its fully similar triglyceride and fatty acid composition, it needs to be treated just like cocoa butter with tempering. It gives real chocolate-like eating properties with good snap and without any waxiness.

COBERINE 098 is the first cocoa butter equivalent that is truly equivalent with an inclusion of another special tropical fat - Illipe butter - which makes it premium. It gives shiny gloss, snap and indulgent eating characteristic in the chocolate and super compound recipes as well.



Premium Filling Fats

Creamelt is our range of premium filling fats, delivering the maximum cool-melting effect in combination with maximum flavor release. Creamelt is produced by multi-stage fractionation delivering the steepest melting without the slightest hint of waxiness.

CREAMELT 900 is one of our premium filling fats that works very well in confectionery hard fillings (in pralines) with a cool and smooth
melting effect. It needs pre-crystallization when used in confectionery application. Creamelt 900 also provides a premium coating fat for ice cream applications.


BISCUITINE 500 is a non-lauric, multi-purpose filling fat that does not require pre-crystallization process. It gives fine texture, full, creamy meltdown, good flavor release and works very well in aeration in confectionery and bakery filling applications. Biscuitine 500 is also a very successful dairy butter replacer in dairy applications such as cheese analogues and yoghurt.

Milk Fat Replacer

The CARABUTA NH is a milk fat replacer with flavor precursors creating butter note during baking similar to dairy butter. It gives the natural buttery flavor to baked and cooked goods like caramel providing economy in replacing milk fat. The flavor will be developed once the heat is induced and it is stable. Being low in trans-fats and free from cholesterol, it is also easier to store compared to dairy fat for your convenience.



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